Friday, 17 November 2017

Science Week

"The most important thing, is to never stop questioning" Albert Einstein.

This week we investigated the topic of solids, liquids and gases in science.
We learned about their properties and characteristics and located them in our environment.
We predicted and investigated what will happen when we mix certain solids, liquids and gases together.
Here are some of them in action.
Ms. Kelly thinks the future is very bright with all the scientists in room 16!
                       Mixing oil and water

                         The liquid test

The girls mixed sand, salt and sugar with water.
          What do you think happened?

 This group mixed corn flour, water and food colouring.  Look below at what they created!


 Things got messy when we mixed carbon dioxide,liquid and sugar. We made a hole in the lid of the coke bottle. We put some mints into the bottle and placed the new lid on top. Can you guess what happened?

We really enjoyed science week and learned a lot!

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